• How to see my GSM is working? 

The easiest way is to see the GSM is working from the clock upper status bar where GSM has blue grids and on top of GSM double arrow icon will be in blue and green color. In the center of GPS icon will show blue color.


  • Why my GSM bar has no double arrow icon?  
    Double arrow icon is representing the data connection. Please go to the Communication menu enable your Data Upload to Data or Data with Status.

    Also check the APN (Access Point Name) setting. You can click on APN and enter the APN setting according to your Telecom operator. Please see the below picture. Don’t forget to SAVE the setting after you enter the APN.

  • How to confirm my arrival data has online? 

You can confirm in two places in the clock,
1. In the Member Data – Pigeon Information of arrived birds’ status “UpLd” (upload)

2. In the System Test – System Info, there is a log of your bird of Internet Upload.


  • Why my SMS is not working? 

Check the Communication Menu if you have enable the SMS notify
SMS Notify Setting:
Disable:NO SMS
Training:Only Training send SMS
Race:Only Race send SMS
Race&Training:Race and Training both send SMS
If you need the clock to read out the last two ring number,Please checck〝Read Association Number〞

You need to enter your SMS receiving number in the〝Phone Number〞field as below,and don’t forget to SAVE the setting.

You can also go to the System Test menu for SMS testing.

  • How to use the Training mode 

There are two ways for Training mode as below
1: In Home Menu press “Go Training”

2: Go to Training Data menu, press Reset

Set the liberation time and distance, then press Start.
In Training Data Menu and check “Arrived” you will find the arrived Training birds with velocity. “Not Arrived’ for the birds not retuned list.

  • I made a Training why I cannot see the bird clocking 

In Training birds all birds except in Race will go to Training. Your birds may locked by the unclosed RACE. Please check unclosed race in the main menu and close the race, then the birds will be released to Training mode.

  • How many loft antennas can I used for iPigeon? 

TOPigeon provides single and 4 channels antenna and these antennas can be parallel connected. The number of antennas depends on the power supply. iPigeon design can connect up to 4 4 channels or 10 Single channels without external power supply. The length of the extension cables may also impact the number of antenna connected. TOPigeon also provides external power supply – T connectors for more antenna connection.

There is an indicator of how many loft antennas connected to the clock in the Main menu Summary Information. You can also verify if the antenna actually works by Ring Test in the System Test menu.


  • Why my entire loft antenna disabled 

There is an RF icon on top of the iPigeon display. If the loft antennas function normal it will display in yellow color.

However there is situation will turn RF icon to white. That is you have missed-activate the Loft Recorder. Please see the following setting in the Communication menu. You should set the Channel to disable to enable your loft antenna.

  • Can I connect to clock in my loft?  
    Yes. You can use loft recorder to connect two clocks in your loft. The Loft recorder also can clock without the clock when you are in multiple races.

    ​​​​​​​Please contact your agent for more information.